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Managing Personal Change

Personal change is required to achieve a new goal. If you’ve having trouble making the change, understanding why can help get you moving forward again.

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Lose Weight with Software for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Research shows repeatedly that keeping a food journal or otherwise tracking what we eat is a consistently successful activity to help you meet your weight loss goals.    

If weight loss is top of your goal list for 2013, check out the website Weight by Date.  It’s purpose is to [read more]

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Removing Barriers To Goal Achievement

I think it happens to us all at one time or another.

Despite our best intentions, a good plan, motivation and a compelling reason to achieve, we still get distracted and fail to do something each and every day to achieve our goal.

Maybe we put small, less important tasks ahead of [read more]

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Brian Tracy’s Time Management Plan

Brian Tracy is one of my top 3 trusted sources for personal development advice and ideas. He recently posted a very short video listing his time management tips, which you can watch here:
I’ve summarized his time management tips below, which are very similar to my Achieving Personal Goals [read more]

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Being Persistent

There seems to be a renewed wave of respect or recognition in some of the material I’ve read lately related to the value of determination, grit or being persistent.

When I read that initially I though “sure, I know” but then it occurred to me that it shouldn’t be brushed off. [read more]

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Great Weight Loss Goal Tool

I ran into a new tool in the ongoing process of managing my weight, and it’s a good one that I don’t plan to stop using anytime soon!

Don’t recall where I first learned about this, but I started using about a week ago. This is a simple, [read more]

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Three Good Ideas for Fitness Goals

We know that one of the keys to staying fit is to keep moving, and the other is to eat well. Whether it’s jogging, working out at the gym, walking in the evening or just cleaning the house, the more we move the more fit we’ll be. [read more]

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This Will Accelerate Your Goal Progress, Guaranteed!

You know your goal. You have created a plan to reach that goal. You spend time every evening planning the next day, laying out the next task(s) you need to perform to reach your goal, and you do this activity daily. But what is [read more]

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Don’t Miss This Video!

I think implied in any plan to pursue one or more goals is the admission that there’s something in our lives that we would like to improve, to make better than it is.
It’s not necessarily that we’re not happy with the status quo (although it can be), sometimes it’s just [read more]

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