My Favorite Audio

These are some of my favorite audio clips, books on tape or podcasts.

I’ll warn you that they are all from the school of “common sense”, so you’ll hear things like you have to work hard to get things, the fundamentals matter, and deferred gratifications always wins over immediate satisfaction. But success always follows excelling at the fundamentals in any endeavor, and you probably already knew that.

1. The audio CD of any of the books I’ve listed (see the “Favorites” page). I have the full CD set of all of them. You can get the audio of virtually any book here. Be careful to notice whether you are buying an abridged version (abbreviated) though, or the full book. Many times the abridged is all that’s offered and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it should be priced accordingly (i.e., less!).

2. Any audio from Jim Rohn. Simple, down to earth, information that will make you say “of course”, but you’ll be glad you listened. (PS – Sadly, Jim Rohn recently passed away on Dec 5, 2009)

3. Same for Brian Tracy. His The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires is a must for anyone who’s serious about reaching their potential.

I’ve got an iPhone, but frankly I hate to buy anything thru iTunes because I can’t play their files on a regular mp3 player (which I also use). So I buy most of my stuff from either (a), or (b) Both distribute their audio files without requiring that whole Digital Media Rights licensing, which I don’t fully understand but I do know it keeps you from playing the material outside their proprietary players.

Buy mp3’s, and any source is fine, just be sure you’re getting MP3!

If you have an iPod or iPhone, you can get books on tape for less in most cases at However, know that you’re getting a restricted rights copy (DRM), so it’s not an mp3 file that will play anywhere. Discount Gold OfferIt will only play on an Audible-compatible device, but that includes iPod, iPhone, Android phones, etc. For a complete list of Audible-compatible devices, click here.