Sample Action Plan

I’ve included an example below which can serve as a goal setting template, along with a link to an example you use to create your own goal action plan. (If you’d prefer to use an online process, see my suggestions for the goal setting software I’ve found.

Goal Setting Template

I’m sure you can find more sophisticated forms or goal setting templates, but this is what I use now and I would encourage you to start with something equally simple. Goal action plan

What we put INTO the plan is what’s important, because it must reflect a strategy that will produce the outcome we want. The form or format isn’t all that big of a deal, as long as provides an accurate list of steps … a roadmap. Style over substance won’t take you very far.

More important is that you get something for a goal plan written down that includes the following key elements, and start executing it.

Goal plan template - example

Action Plan example

Those key goal plan elements are:

  1. A clear, written goal description (see SMART goals)
  2. The START date: When will you get started?
  3. The FINISH date: The date you WILL complete all milestones and tasks necessary to complete the goal action plan
  4. MILESTONES: The important accomplishments along the way, to provide guidance and short term motivation
  5. The specific, detailed TASKS that must be performed to reach each milestone
  6. The DUE DATE on which each task MUST be completed!
  7. Some way to track events that may impact the plan and require changes as you proceed

Common sense will tell you that a plan is not always executed in sequence, i.e. sometimes you are doing multiple tasks at the same time. The point is to know what you need to do next, and when you’ve promised yourself you will finish it.

Goal Project Plan – Template (xls 2003)

I hope this goal setting template helps you get some form of a written plan you can refer to often, and follow.