The Rules for Goals: A Constitution

Merriam-Webster defines a constitution as: a written instrument embodying the rules of a political or social organization. Well, this website is no political organization, and not really a social organization either. But we’ve got a constitution anyway.

Our definition of a constitution goes more like this: A set of beliefs and rules that help guide the behavior of a group.

Here is the simple set of beliefs I feel are essential to achieving goals. Hold to these and good things are bound to happen:

Achieving Personal Goals Constitution
  1. Having a daily routine (system) matters
  2. The things that we do (the plan) matter
  3. The things we think about all the time (our beliefs) matter
  4. The people who influence us matter
  5. Taking ACTION matters most of all

Notice that none of these basic tenets are outcomes, or results.
Results will always very with the person, the day, the environment, sometimes even circumstances. Even failure along the path to achievement is inevitable occasionally (but not final).
In the end, staying true to the principles embodied in the Achieving Personal Goals constitution will produce the outcome you desire.