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Look familiar?

The image below is just a sample of the interruptions that we all get every day, but it makes the point.

Unfortunately, these have little if anything to do with our goals, but they compete for our attention.

If we don’t say “no” to these distractions, our goals are [read more]

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Being Persistent

There seems to be a renewed wave of respect or recognition in some of the material I’ve read lately related to the value of determination, grit or being persistent.

When I read that initially I though “sure, I know” but then it occurred to me that it shouldn’t be brushed off. [read more]

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Goals and Clarity


The clearer we are about the goals and objectives we set for ourselves in life, the more efficient, and effective, we will be in achieving them. Clarity has as much or more to do with success and happiness as hard work, because once we’re clear about exactly what needs to [read more]

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This Will Accelerate Your Goal Progress, Guaranteed!

You know your goal. You have created a plan to reach that goal. You spend time every evening planning the next day, laying out the next task(s) you need to perform to reach your goal, and you do this activity daily. But what is [read more]

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Great Idea, What Next?

Did you just have a ‘light bulb’ moment? You know what I mean, one of those “hey, wait a minute!” moments when things suddenly became clear? If so, what did you do next? Like most people, did you just forget about it and let it slip [read more]

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3 Things at Once = Not much gets done

Multi-tasking, not good

Without fail, one of my biggest challenges to staying on track with the various goals I’ve set is that I love to put too many things on my plate.

Ever do that?

It never fails that instead of motivating me to get more done, [read more]

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Tomorrow’s (Intended) Results Drive Today’s Actions

Setting goals, making plans, keeping focus, visualizing the outcome, all the things that we know about the value and benefits of setting Goals comes down to one simple principle. It is:

Where we want to go tomorrow, drives what we need to be doing today

Restated in a slightly different way, [read more]

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What’s the Purpose of a Goal?

What’s the point of goal setting? We know we want some outcome, some change in the results in an area of our lives. For example we may want to look better, be more successful, be financially secure, free of debt, etc.

But how exactly do goals [read more]

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Are Short Term Goals Pointless?

Of course not, but I really needed to get your attention so I had to come up with something provocative.

Short term goals are actually an essential part of any goal setting plan. But they tell me catchy headlines attract readers, so I thought I’d see for myself ….. [read more]

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