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You Can’t Talk To Me Like That!

I was standing in line at our favorite discount superstore, and overheard two women talking about something one of them had done (couldn’t tell what it was). She was recounting how stupid she had been, and how it was typical. “I’m always doing that, I’m such an [read more]

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Where Am I Now?

I started off the day last Wednesday with a clear plan. I’d done my daily agenda and knew what I needed to get done. Then it happened – real world “stuff” started to pop up.

The phone rang, someone walked up, an urgent email from a business user….. [read more]

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What’s The Rush?

Everybody’s in such a rush these days, no time to stop and smell the roses. Life just moves too fast. Do you agree with this?
Me too, but I think there should be a follow-on comment … there’s a time and a place for everything.   No question [read more]

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