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Forget about tomorrow

Forget about tomorrow??? Uh, hold on there just a minute.
I thought all the smart people in the Achievement and Productivity fields were saying things like “Begin with the end in mind” and “plan ahead”? Doesn’t that mean to be forward thinking, plan tomorrow’s agenda, and all [read more]

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I Screwed Up!

This is a big learning point for me and just one example, but it’s verrrry typical, so thought I’d share it here.
I recently posted an job on eLance looking for someone to research a topic for me, for a speech I’m going to give. I get several interesting [read more]

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You don’t have to “figure it out” alone

Basically we’re all CEO’s of our lives. I’m in charge of me – I’m responsible for finance, career training, fitness, time management … everything. We all are.

The question is “Am I running Me, Inc. like a good CEO would”? Am I getting the [read more]

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Welcome to the Achieving Personal Goals blog!   This blog is a part of the main Achieving Personal Goals web site, which I created for 2 reasons.

One, because I had trouble finding what I thought was a really good website with a great collection of information and resources focused [read more]

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