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Three Good Ideas for Fitness Goals

We know that one of the keys to staying fit is to keep moving, and the other is to eat well. Whether it’s jogging, working out at the gym, walking in the evening or just cleaning the house, the more we move the more fit we’ll be. [read more]

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Goals and Clarity


The clearer we are about the goals and objectives we set for ourselves in life, the more efficient, and effective, we will be in achieving them. Clarity has as much or more to do with success and happiness as hard work, because once we’re clear about exactly what needs to [read more]

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This Will Accelerate Your Goal Progress, Guaranteed!

You know your goal. You have created a plan to reach that goal. You spend time every evening planning the next day, laying out the next task(s) you need to perform to reach your goal, and you do this activity daily. But what is [read more]

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Great Idea, What Next?

Did you just have a ‘light bulb’ moment? You know what I mean, one of those “hey, wait a minute!” moments when things suddenly became clear? If so, what did you do next? Like most people, did you just forget about it and let it slip [read more]

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Keeping Things Simple – part one

Well, it’s that time of year again when we all take stock of the past year, where we are today, and what we’d like to change or improve for next year.
I know there’s a tendency to scoff at that, because we so frequently fail to attain our New Years resolutions, [read more]

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Get A Small Success

One of the best ways for any of us to get motivated is to see something work. Seeing is believing, and there’s no shortage of occasions throughout history where a once seemingly impossible achievement is conquered, it became almost common for people to achieve it.

For [read more]

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The Self Help Formula

OK, here goes. I have a confession to make ……

I have a vice. No, it’s not drugs, or alcohol, or gambling. For me, it’s probably more powerful than those things.

I am a self-help addict. Whew! There, I said it. 🙂

I [read more]

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Eureka! Breaking The Code To Achievement

I was listening to Darren Hardy’s excellent book (audio, in my car) “The Compound Effect” when the pieces of the process of goal accomplishment really seemed to fall into place. Obviously from my interest and effort into this website, I spend alot of my time thinking about and [read more]

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What’s Holding You Back?

Anyone who wants to achieve a personal goal is in one of the following phases of the process of making that change in their life:

Feeling frustrated or dissatisfied with the way things are (weight, career, relationships, etc)

Deciding on a solution that will satisfy the problem (lose weight, change careers, work [read more]

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