Removing Barriers To Goal Achievement

I think it happens to us all at one time or another.

Despite our best intentions, a good plan, motivation and a compelling reason to achieve, we still get distracted and fail to do something each and every day to achieve our goal.
Frustrated goals
Maybe we put small, less important tasks ahead of our planned goal activities, or maybe we just briefly lose the focus to work on the goal for a day or two, which turns into a week, which turns into forever.

There are a hundred possible reasons for this, we’re all different and I’m not qualified to comment on what the culprit may be for each and every unique case. I just know it happens, and that the impact of failing to work on our goal or dream each and every day is huge.

If we aren’t taking regular, consistent action to achieve our goal, it simply isn’t going to happen and that’s a tragedy. And it’s frustrating.

What’s my point?
I recently ran across a book that is one of the best I’ve encountered for making sense of “less than optimal performance”, those things that pull us off course and interfere with realizing our dreams, from realizing our potential in any area of our life. So this is not just “a book”, I think this could be a game changer.
Goal solution
The book is “Positive Intelligence”, and it’s written by Shirzad Chamine. He’s qualified to speak on the subject, graduating summa cum laude with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Masters studies in NeuroBiology and an MBA from Stanford. More impressive than his academic achievements though, was the list of testimonials. Many times these self help books are loaded with testimonials from other self-hep gurus, and it feels like a quid pro quo alliance where “you endorse my book, and I’ll endorse yours”. But not this time.

These testimonials are from CEO’s and COO’s of companies like HP, CBS and Wells Fargo, Psychology Phd’s, etc, an impressive list of people who claimed to have had success implementing the principles of the book. It convinced me, and I bought both the book on Amazon as well as the downloadable audiobook from, and I”m reading/listening to it now. Check out Positive Intelligence here, or the audio book here, if you’re interested.

What makes this different?
The answer is easy, it not only breaks down a way of looking at how our mind works to help, or hinder, or efforts to achieve our goals, but it also includes specific steps to develop the patterns that increase our good behaviors and reduce or eliminate the bad ones.

The general framework is that there are 10 bad habits that we all have to one degree or another which interfere (destroy, really) our progress. There are also 5 positive habits or traits we each have and can further develop which will strengthen us.

The key concept in the book is to use the methods he provides to (a) minimize the things that harm us, and at the same time (b) work on those traits or habits that strengthen us. Based on the testimonials, the claims of the author and my perception of how consistent this is with other principles of positive psychology, I’m convinced it works.

So I just wanted to pass that along. I haven’t finished the book yet, but am comfortable recommending it as one that could well be life changing. If I change my mind about that I’ll ener a follow up post, but I don’t see that happening. I think this is one that you need to add to your library, read and then actually implement as instructed.

It could bring achievement of your personal goals faster than you imagined!

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