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Goals and Parkinson’s Law

I ran across an interesting idea recently about something called Parkinson’s Law that I have long suspected was true (and I bet you did too), I just hadn’t heard anyone articulate it as a “law”.

Parkinson’s Law goes something like this:

Whatever project you’re working on or whatever [read more]

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Book Report Time! “Outliers”

Don’t cringe, this is a good one. I just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s book titled “Outliers”, which discusses the notion of success and points out the common denominators his research revealed about those people and groups who have achieved rare, extreme success .

As you would imagine, [read more]

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What No One Wants To Hear

It seems there’s a natural progression or trend to virtually any aspiration, desire, target or dare I say it …. personal goal. I think it goes something like this:

1. We have an idea, epiphany or “ah ha!” moment when you are certain that your life would be [read more]

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