This section is intended to help answer any questions you might have about setting goals as you work through the Action Plan Checklist. Getting the right information to start down the path to achieving your goals is the right approach.
The Action Plan Checklist
The Action Plan Checklist (left side of this page) is the 8 basic steps to follow to set, plan for and pursue your goals. Each step in the checklist is there for a reason and is necessary for the process to work consistently.
Plan + Action
If you set out to build a house, you would want more than just a great set of plans.  You’d need the right tools and resources that building a house requires … plus effort.   Achieving a goal is no different.   That’s why in addition to the information you need, this site provides:

  • Forms to help you build a comprehensive action plan
  • Suggestions to stay focused
    Software to record and track your daily progress
  • Supplemental material to read and listen to (video, audio, books, etc)
  • Accountability suggestions to make sure you stick to your plan

The purpose of this website is to provide everything possible to make sure you are successful.

You bring the energy
Although they provide the necessary foundation, great information, tools and resources aren’t enough.   The final ingredient to insure your goal setting success is your determination and effort.  When you read and absorb the information here to clarify your goal, then use the tools available to help you follow your plan, and finally bring your time, energy and concentration – now you’ve engaged the full arsenal!  This is the kind of comprehensive approach that will insure you begin to control the outcomes in your life. We reap what we sow (when done consistently), and a good goal plan insures we sow and harvest the right crop.

Just give it a try
If you’re a little skeptical that’s OK, the plan works anyway. The first step is just get started, get moving in the right direction. As you read through the steps, check out the real life examples and testimonials of people who followed the principles listed here. Sometimes it just takes getting started, and seeing someone else who is having success, to begin to believe it yourself. Once you are clear about the difference between your objectives and the goals that will take you there, you are on your way to making meaningful changes in your life. It all comes down to doing … the right thingsconsistently.

So there you go.   Start here if you’d like to begin a journey that can change your life. Good luck, and get started!

Summary of key points:
1) This site contains not only fact-based information, but also tools and aids to improve your chances to achieve your goal.
2) Achieving goals is not a magical process; it comes from applying proven techniques in a disciplined fashion.
3) The right information, great tools and resources are not enough; you have to bring a commitment to take action on a regular basis.