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What’s the Purpose of a Goal?

What’s the point of goal setting? We know we want some outcome, some change in the results in an area of our lives. For example we may want to look better, be more successful, be financially secure, free of debt, etc.

But how exactly do goals [read more]

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Punch Resistance Right Smack In The Nose

Eating what we want, when we want it, is easy.

Adopting on a managed intake, calorie-controlled diet is harder because we have to start to manage our appetite, and begin to say “No” to some choices. That’s resistance.

Work that allows you to do what you want, when you want to [read more]

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Are Short Term Goals Pointless?

Of course not, but I really needed to get your attention so I had to come up with something provocative.

Short term goals are actually an essential part of any goal setting plan. But they tell me catchy headlines attract readers, so I thought I’d see for myself ….. [read more]

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Goal Setting for Teenagers

The process of setting goals is not too different for most of us whether we are very young, a teenager or an adult. However, starting the process of learning about goals for teenagers is an important step toward learning valuable life skills. This page covers 5 of [read more]

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