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The Multi-Tasking Myth

Several months ago, I wrote this post about the fallacy of trying to do two, or even worse three things at once. I’m well familiar with the hazards of this, as I have to be reminded frequently that I can’t do it (at least not effectively) and it [read more]

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5 Tips to Sustain Your Effort

The challenge for many of our true, ‘make a difference’ aspirations in life is to sustain our level of effort and focus, day and and day out. Most people aren’t able to do that, but that creates an opportunity for someone who’s serious about achieving something and is [read more]

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Measuring my activity

I bought a new audiobook this week that I’ve really been enjoying, “The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity” by Blaine Harris, that’s been a great reminder of the importance of proper financial management in our lives. More importantly though, it’s also motivated me to start tracking my time on [read more]

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5 Sacrifices to Reach Your Goals

We know that a critical part of achieving a goal is to take regular action each and every day to move closer to it. Making time for those activities generally requires that we make some sacrifices.

The following is my list of the top 5 sacrifices that, [read more]

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Examples of Goals

If you’re like me, it helps when starting something new to look at examples. Using examples of goals others have written to guide your goal definition and creating your action plan is always a good idea. In an effort to help you along, I’ve included a [read more]

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