Goal Setting Forms

This page provides links to goal setting forms or instruction pages that can be helpful to get you started.
Here are the forms or pages you should print or download to use in this process:

  1. Life Goals Worksheet
  2. Select the One most important goal right now
  3. Determining exactly what Goal Type you are pursing
    • Repetitive task
    • Progressive task
  4. Reviewing the elements of SMART goals
  5. Getting clear and Specific about that goal
  6. Creating an Action Plan Worksheet with
    • Milestones
    • Tasks
    • Due Dates

Feel free to make any revisions or changes to these forms that you feel are necessary to make them more meaningful, and useful, to you. I’ve included the important parts. Adding or rearranging to suit your preferences is fine.
Word of caution:

    Don’t get too caught up in searching for the perfect form and overanalyzing each step of the process.

Each phase is important for sure, but beware of spending too much time trying to create a “perfect plan” and avoiding the essential piece to the puzzle: Taking Action

I want you to take the right action, toward the right goal but a good plan executed diligently will trump a great plan that never gets started every time.