Success Video – People You Know

One of the really great ways to gain inspiration is seeing or hearing someone else’s story first hand, and there are some great resources available to us now in the amazing supply of video that’s been captured in the past 10 years. A lot of it’s on YouTube, but there are plenty of other great sources as well. What’s important is the quantity and quality of knowledge that’s available to us in these videos, and in a format beyond just the written word.

This is one of my favorite videos. It’s a 15 minute clip of Steve Jobs giving the commmencement address to the graduating class at Stanford in 2005.

Here’s another favorite: This one is a 4 minute clip of Will Smith titled “The Key to Life”.

I enjoy anything that reminds us that no matter what technique you apply, or what education you get, or how smart you are, what we get from life is greatly impacted by (a) the choices we make (knowledge, from ‘Reading’), and (b) how hard we are willing to work (‘Running’).
There’s so much knowledge available today about any subject you want to know about, and in many cases you can see and hear the principal in person on video.
I allocate part of my budget to buying great CD’s and audio programs to keep learning and moving forward, but thanks to YouTube you can get started without spending a dime. Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jack Welch, Steven Covey, Jim Collins … so many great speakers, and such an easy way to get the information. Makes me wish someone had a video camera when Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address!

If you’ve got a great clip, or find something that you think will make a difference for others, please share it on the blog.

I’ve listed a few other clips that I think you might find worthwhile. Enjoy!

Jim Rohn on personal development:


Brian Tracy on goal setting:


Making Choices, by Steven Covey:

Summary of key points:

  1. Video is a great way to digest new information
  2. There is now an amazing amount of great video available for free on the internet
  3. It’s just one more method to get the right information