Other Forms and Worksheets

There are a variety of forms you can use to make your goal setting efforts easier.

As I mentioned in Track Your Progress, what we track tends to improve so if having a good form makes it easier to track your goal activity then you should be all means use one.

I only use 2, and they are very simple. The first is my Daily Agenda, which outlines the 7 key things that I do every day, and my Weekly Planner form that I review on Sunday evening to look at the “big picture” and make sure my daily activities throughout the week are moving in the right direction.

I’ll include a link to my Daily Agenda and Weekly Planner form by November 22, 2009 (in a week).

In the meantime, there are number of other good sources for forms that you may enjoy.

The first is David Seah. He may not be the premier form designer on the web, but he does the best work I’ve seen and I really admire his work.

If you want something a little more elegant or specific than the simple Daily Agenda I put up, then this is the first place I would encourage you to look.

I’ve will be adding an area soon where you can download some other forms I’ve encountered on the web. The point is that whatever you will use and will help encourage you to continue taking more action is what you should use. Fancy or “purdy” doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t help you take action.