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Managing Personal Change

Personal change is required to achieve a new goal. If you’ve having trouble making the change, understanding why can help get you moving forward again.

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Know What Produces Action Toward Your Goal

Taking action toward your goal on a regular basis is essential to reaching it. We’ve seen repeatedly that the ability to pursue a goal consistently over time produces consistent results.

But “sticking with it” over the long haul (what Psychologists call ‘Grit‘) is not an innate characteristic that we [read more]

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Brian Tracy’s Time Management Plan

Brian Tracy is one of my top 3 trusted sources for personal development advice and ideas. He recently posted a very short video listing his time management tips, which you can watch here:
I’ve summarized his time management tips below, which are very similar to my Achieving Personal Goals [read more]

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Great Idea, What Next?

Did you just have a ‘light bulb’ moment? You know what I mean, one of those “hey, wait a minute!” moments when things suddenly became clear? If so, what did you do next? Like most people, did you just forget about it and let it slip [read more]

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The Self Help Formula

OK, here goes. I have a confession to make ……

I have a vice. No, it’s not drugs, or alcohol, or gambling. For me, it’s probably more powerful than those things.

I am a self-help addict. Whew! There, I said it. 🙂

I [read more]

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Eureka! Breaking The Code To Achievement

I was listening to Darren Hardy’s excellent book (audio, in my car) “The Compound Effect” when the pieces of the process of goal accomplishment really seemed to fall into place. Obviously from my interest and effort into this website, I spend alot of my time thinking about and [read more]

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5 Suggestions to Help Develop the Action Habit

People who experience success in any endeavor share one basic quality — they get things done. This requirement supercedes talent, birth right or other natural advantages, intelligence and good fortune in determining the what you earn and the success you experience.

Of course, it’s a simple concept, but the fact remains [read more]

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