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Know What Produces Action Toward Your Goal

Taking action toward your goal on a regular basis is essential to reaching it. We’ve seen repeatedly that the ability to pursue a goal consistently over time produces consistent results.

But “sticking with it” over the long haul (what Psychologists call ‘Grit‘) is not an innate characteristic that we [read more]

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Goals and Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence and Self-Efficacy

Part of being self-motivated is having good levels of self-assurance, self-confidence, and self-efficacy.

Albert Bandura, a psychologist from Stanford University, defined self-efficacy as a belief in our own ability to succeed, and our ability to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. This belief has a huge impact [read more]

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Get A Small Success

One of the best ways for any of us to get motivated is to see something work. Seeing is believing, and there’s no shortage of occasions throughout history where a once seemingly impossible achievement is conquered, it became almost common for people to achieve it.

For [read more]

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Eureka! Breaking The Code To Achievement

I was listening to Darren Hardy’s excellent book (audio, in my car) “The Compound Effect” when the pieces of the process of goal accomplishment really seemed to fall into place. Obviously from my interest and effort into this website, I spend alot of my time thinking about and [read more]

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Tomorrow’s (Intended) Results Drive Today’s Actions

Setting goals, making plans, keeping focus, visualizing the outcome, all the things that we know about the value and benefits of setting Goals comes down to one simple principle. It is:

Where we want to go tomorrow, drives what we need to be doing today

Restated in a slightly different way, [read more]

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Getting Our Head Right

A lot of this website is devoted to the mechanics of setting and achieving goals. Things like selecting the right goal, being clear and specific about what your goal is and why you want to achieve it, providing you with forms for writing a good plan, how to [read more]

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Goal Setting for Teenagers

The process of setting goals is not too different for most of us whether we are very young, a teenager or an adult. However, starting the process of learning about goals for teenagers is an important step toward learning valuable life skills. This page covers 5 of [read more]

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What No One Wants To Hear

It seems there’s a natural progression or trend to virtually any aspiration, desire, target or dare I say it …. personal goal. I think it goes something like this:

1. We have an idea, epiphany or “ah ha!” moment when you are certain that your life would be [read more]

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Forget about tomorrow

Forget about tomorrow??? Uh, hold on there just a minute.
I thought all the smart people in the Achievement and Productivity fields were saying things like “Begin with the end in mind” and “plan ahead”? Doesn’t that mean to be forward thinking, plan tomorrow’s agenda, and all [read more]

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