Three Good Ideas for Fitness Goals

We know that one of the keys to staying fit is to keep moving, and the other is to eat well. Whether it’s jogging, working out at the gym, walking in the evening or just cleaning the house, the more we move the more fit we’ll be. Eating good foods, in the proper proportion, is also essential.

With those two ideas that in mind, here are a couple lazy suggestions for staying fit. Maybe one of them will strike you like a good idea:

1. Eat By Design
We eat for a hundred reasons, but most of them aren’t related to hunger. We eat for social gatherings, for distraction, to console ourselves when we’re down, to connect with others, and many other reasons.

What if you made a conscious choice to only eat when hungry, and do something else for those other occasions. Want to get together with friends? Women: Go shopping, go to the gym, do a spa day. Men: play golf or tennis. Picking some other activity instead of going to a restaurant will make fitness an easier goal.

2. Make Exercising Convenient
Instead of always planning 1 1/2 hours out of your day for working out (which makes it a major event), try adding mini-workouts throughout the day. When you’re on the phone at work, stand up and stretch. If you have a wireless headset, walk around while on those long conference calls. Watching TV at home? Do a few situps, pushups or toe raises. There are a hundred options to do things that can help us stay fit, if we look for them.

3. Get Enough Rest
There are plenty of studies that show when we’re tired, our bodies don’t function optimally, we don’t think we well, we don’t move about as much. We’re a sleep deprived society, and that helps neither fitness or productivity. Get your rest! You deserve it, you’ll make better choices and you’ll get more (and better) exercise.

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  1. Anitrea Graydon says:

    I am very excited that i happened to stumble up on this website, it has really opened my eyes to my fitmess mindset. Thanks Great words of encouragement!!!!