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Tomorrow’s (Intended) Results Drive Today’s Actions

Setting goals, making plans, keeping focus, visualizing the outcome, all the things that we know about the value and benefits of setting Goals comes down to one simple principle. It is:

Where we want to go tomorrow, drives what we need to be doing today

Restated in a slightly different way, [read more]

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Goals and Happiness

Everything You Need To Know About Happiness

“Happiness” courtesy of Zhong Bioa

The truth about affirmations

With all of these books around touting the benefits of affirmations, Psychologists became curious to know whether they actually worked.

They brought together many different subjects, having various degrees of self confidence and told them to repeat positive [read more]

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Know Where You Are Going

The following article is excerpted from content in Robin Sharma’s popular CD program, “Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life”“. Pursuing goals is all about knowing where you are going, so I thought Robin’s thoughts would be relevant here.

“Focus your time and your life on your highest talents and [read more]

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