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Look familiar?

The image below is just a sample of the interruptions that we all get every day, but it makes the point.

Unfortunately, these have little if anything to do with our goals, but they compete for our attention.

If we don’t say “no” to these distractions, our goals are [read more]

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Brian Tracy’s Time Management Plan

Brian Tracy is one of my top 3 trusted sources for personal development advice and ideas. He recently posted a very short video listing his time management tips, which you can watch here:
I’ve summarized his time management tips below, which are very similar to my Achieving Personal Goals [read more]

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Three Good Ideas for Fitness Goals

We know that one of the keys to staying fit is to keep moving, and the other is to eat well. Whether it’s jogging, working out at the gym, walking in the evening or just cleaning the house, the more we move the more fit we’ll be. [read more]

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Goals and Clarity


The clearer we are about the goals and objectives we set for ourselves in life, the more efficient, and effective, we will be in achieving them. Clarity has as much or more to do with success and happiness as hard work, because once we’re clear about exactly what needs to [read more]

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Measuring my activity

I bought a new audiobook this week that I’ve really been enjoying, “The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity” by Blaine Harris, that’s been a great reminder of the importance of proper financial management in our lives. More importantly though, it’s also motivated me to start tracking my time on [read more]

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5 Sacrifices to Reach Your Goals

We know that a critical part of achieving a goal is to take regular action each and every day to move closer to it. Making time for those activities generally requires that we make some sacrifices.

The following is my list of the top 5 sacrifices that, [read more]

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What’s the Purpose of a Goal?

What’s the point of goal setting? We know we want some outcome, some change in the results in an area of our lives. For example we may want to look better, be more successful, be financially secure, free of debt, etc.

But how exactly do goals [read more]

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Goals and Parkinson’s Law

I ran across an interesting idea recently about something called Parkinson’s Law that I have long suspected was true (and I bet you did too), I just hadn’t heard anyone articulate it as a “law”.

Parkinson’s Law goes something like this:

Whatever project you’re working on or whatever [read more]

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Where Am I Now?

I started off the day last Wednesday with a clear plan. I’d done my daily agenda and knew what I needed to get done. Then it happened – real world “stuff” started to pop up.

The phone rang, someone walked up, an urgent email from a business user….. [read more]

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