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What Would Steve Jobs Say?

Focus does not mean saying yes, it means saying no.”

~ Steve Jobs

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Look familiar?

The image below is just a sample of the interruptions that we all get every day, but it makes the point.

Unfortunately, these have little if anything to do with our goals, but they compete for our attention.

If we don’t say “no” to these distractions, our goals are [read more]

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Information Overload: Will It Kill Me, or Will I Survive?

I think this is going to be the first in about a 5 post series on my latest struggle – Information Overload.

This dilema has become almost amusing (but not quite).

The problem I encounter daily is the massive volume of information I receive which I want to consume, [read more]

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What’s Holding You Back?

You’ve got a goal in mind (weight loss, career change, whatever…), you decided on it weeks ago, but you haven’t started working on it yet?

Why not?

What’s the one thing that’s holding you back? I’d love to hear from you!

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Removing Barriers To Goal Achievement

I think it happens to us all at one time or another.

Despite our best intentions, a good plan, motivation and a compelling reason to achieve, we still get distracted and fail to do something each and every day to achieve our goal.

Maybe we put small, less important tasks ahead of [read more]

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Brian Tracy’s Time Management Plan

Brian Tracy is one of my top 3 trusted sources for personal development advice and ideas. He recently posted a very short video listing his time management tips, which you can watch here:
I’ve summarized his time management tips below, which are very similar to my Achieving Personal Goals [read more]

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Being Persistent

There seems to be a renewed wave of respect or recognition in some of the material I’ve read lately related to the value of determination, grit or being persistent.

When I read that initially I though “sure, I know” but then it occurred to me that it shouldn’t be brushed off. [read more]

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Can Having Goals Make You Happy?

Kinda seems like a strange question, doesn’t it?

I think of goals as a way to insure I’m focusing on what’s important, chosing the right tasks to spend my time on. But it turns out there is research that shows goals can have alot to do with how [read more]

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Goal planning calendar

All the goal related advice you’ll find tells you to write your goal down, that it must be written, clear and specific. And that’s good advice.

The next property of a good goal is that is has to have a deadline, a time when you are planning to reach [read more]

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Great Weight Loss Goal Tool

I ran into a new tool in the ongoing process of managing my weight, and it’s a good one that I don’t plan to stop using anytime soon!

Don’t recall where I first learned about this, but I started using about a week ago. This is a simple, [read more]

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