Goal planning calendar

All the goal related advice you’ll find tells you to write your goal down, that it must be written, clear and specific. And that’s good advice.

The next property of a good goal is that is has to have a deadline, a time when you are planning to reach it. Again, good advice.

Something that I think really helps the process is to take that deadline or date when you are working to reach your goal, as well as the milestones or short term goals along the path to the major goal, and put them on a calendar. The bigger the calendar the better, but at a minimum it needs to cover the entire period you plan to spend reaching the goal

I’ve done this in the past, but I recently purchased the calendar shown below from ____________. They’ve done a great job of putting an entire year on a single, large calendar that’s easy to write my goals, milestones and due dates on.

It’s not only helpful to see your goal plan in total, but the biggest benefit in my opinion is that it makes it easy to see the days being checked off and your goal deadline looming nearer. That’s a great motivator, to see both the starting line, where you are today and how much time you’ve got left all in one view.

It particularly helps deal with procrastination and letting things sneak up on you. When you see it in black and white right in front of you, you’re better able to start focusing if you’re starting to slip a little (which we all do from time to time).

So whether it’s the ____________ calendar or one you create yourself, a great way to be sure you are always aware of where you are in the process so that you’re making the progress you should is to make it visual, something you can easily see and relate to.

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