Punch Resistance Right Smack In The Nose

Eating what we want, when we want it, is easy.

Adopting on a managed intake, calorie-controlled diet is harder because we have to start to manage our appetite, and begin to say “No” to some choices. That’s resistance.

Work that allows you to do what you want, when you want to do it, and stop any time you want, is easy.

Having to get up every day and do the things necessary to reach your goal is harder, because some days we don’t just don’t feel like it. That’s resistance.

The point is that there is almost always some degree of resistance when we set out to accomplish something. As we decide to take specific, intentional steps in pursuit of some goal, things generally get harder. Things come up, there are days we don’t feel good, interruptions arise, our own weaknesses appear, any or all of which can be a pull against reaching your goal.

That’s not an “oh poor us” remark, it’s simply an observation of how things work. It’s normal, natural and to be expected. The point is that, hopefully, being armed with this knowledge we can better deal with it.

For me at least, knowing this makes achieving a goal easier. It’s similar to a message in The Magic of Thinking Big which talks about learning to value sacrifice. Sacrifice is generally required to accomplish most things, and realizing “yeah, now I’m doing the work and pressing forward when others turn away” is useful, at least for me.

It’s wise for us to understand that resistance comes with the territory when we are trying to reach our goals, and we shouldn’t let it dimish our determination or mistake it for a message that we’ve done something wrong. In fact, it’s one of the things that makes success and achievement all the sweeter.

So the next time you feel the resistance as you work through your Action Plan, to walk right up to the resistance, lean into it, and if necessary punch it right smack in the nose saying “You’re not stoppin’ me now!”. Uh, make sure no one is looking first. 🙂

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