Create Your Goal Action Plan

Achieving goals is not a matter of learning a mystical, cosmic secret. It’s something that happens when we diligently follow a practical, proven set of steps and when there is goal commitment (it’s something you really want).

The steps outlined below, when followed consistently, can open the door to making real changes in your life, but you have to take action and get started. So consider this your goal setting lesson plan, the steps to learn to make meaningful changes in your life.

The basic steps required in the action plan are listed below:

  1. Identify the major milestones or achievements necessary to accomplish the goal
  2. Break those main milestones steps down into specific tasks or activities (goal project plan)
  3. Assign each milestone a realistic due date when it must be reached
  4. Make progress toward the next activity on the list every single day
  5. Use a system to keep you focused every day – daily reminders, email alerts, post-it notes, etc.

1. Identify the major milestones necessary to accomplish the goal

Assuming your goal is not something you can accomplish in a few steps, consider breaking it into logical groups or milestones. These milestones accomplish two important things:

    a) They help mark your progress at key points along the way
    b) They reward your progress.

It’s important to have checkpoints along the way, like major cities you would pass through on a road trip across the country which tell you you’re on the right track and on schedule. For a goal with 20 things to complete, make reaching #5 a major accomplishment (milestone) that serves as a source of motivation and reward.

Sometimes knowing where to start, i.e. what to do first, is not always easy. In those cases the “first thing” is to seek out and talk to people who do know what to do, how to accomplish the thing you are attempting.

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