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Examples of Goals

If you’re like me, it helps when starting something new to look at examples. Using examples of goals others have written to guide your goal definition and creating your action plan is always a good idea. In an effort to help you along, I’ve included a [read more]

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Are Short Term Goals Pointless?

Of course not, but I really needed to get your attention so I had to come up with something provocative.

Short term goals are actually an essential part of any goal setting plan. But they tell me catchy headlines attract readers, so I thought I’d see for myself ….. [read more]

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Goal Setting for Teenagers

The process of setting goals is not too different for most of us whether we are very young, a teenager or an adult. However, starting the process of learning about goals for teenagers is an important step toward learning valuable life skills. This page covers 5 of [read more]

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What No One Wants To Hear

It seems there’s a natural progression or trend to virtually any aspiration, desire, target or dare I say it …. personal goal. I think it goes something like this:

1. We have an idea, epiphany or “ah ha!” moment when you are certain that your life would be [read more]

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You don’t have to “figure it out” alone

Basically we’re all CEO’s of our lives. I’m in charge of me – I’m responsible for finance, career training, fitness, time management … everything. We all are.

The question is “Am I running Me, Inc. like a good CEO would”? Am I getting the [read more]

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