I Screwed Up!

This is a big learning point for me and just one example, but it’s verrrry typical, so thought I’d share it here.
I recently posted an job on eLance looking for someone to research a topic for me, for a speech I’m going to give. I get several interesting replies (and a couple of weird ones), narrowed them down and pick one. This particular researcher, who had experience and was interested in my topic, took several days then completely flaked out – no where to be found. Which led me to say “well, I screwed up, I should have offered more $, required more references, screened them better, etc”.
Ever do that? It’s certainly my pattern, borne of a lifetime of always trying to get things perfect, always looking for the flaw in the plan. But wait, he said ….. maybe there’s a better way! 🙂
I’ve recently been introduced to the idea of looking those moments not as failures, but simply necessary, unavoidable steps on the path to achievement. What a difference that makes! I don’t feel so bad about myself or foolish now for not getting it right the first time, it’s easier to learn something from the situation (start checking their references!) and make necessary adjustments so it goes better in the future, etc.
As I write this I realize it probably sounds so simple as to be profound, and I suppose it is, but don’t let that hide the important message:
Mistakes are essential, unavoidable, important aspects of any learning process. Our biggest challenge now is to just make them QUICKLY, so that we can learn from them, adjust and do it better next time.
I’m not sure if this will be a useful post to anyone or not, but if just there’s one reader who is ready for the message and gets it, that’ll suit me just fine.
So go achieve your next goal, start taking action, and know there will be plenty of lessons learned (not “screw ups”) along the way!
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