You don’t have to “figure it out” alone

Basically we’re all CEO’s of our lives. I’m in charge of me – I’m responsible for finance, career training, fitness, time management … everything. We all are.

The question is “Am I running Me, Inc. like a good CEO would”? Am I getting the best advice possible, surrounding myself with experts in the areas I’m trying to improve, getting advice from people with proven track records in their respective fields and talking to people who can raise me to a higher level?

Or am I trying to figure it out alone?

As we plan for and work toward the goals in our lives, we should each make the choices a great CEO would make by seeking out advice from smart, educated, successful people who are passionate about their field of specialization (call them advisor, counselor, mentor or whatever you like) to help guide us in the area(s) we need improvement. We don’t have to “figure it out” for ourselves!

One bit of good news is that there are plenty of affordable ways to get that advice. Here are a few of mine, and I’d love to know about yours.

Option A: Find someone with formal training, plenty of experience and a passion for their field to assist you.

Option B: Figure it out yourself in your spare time. ???

You decide.

Tomorrow: “I Love to Screw Things Up!”

One Response to “You don’t have to “figure it out” alone”

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