Productivity “Magic”

It’s pretty rare that we come upon something that seems magical, even miraculous. Something that seems to defy logic, that doesn’t exactly make sense but it works every time. This post is about a principle that fits that description.

If you read this website and blog, you know I’m a student of productivity. I enjoy looking for ways to accomplish more with the time, knowledge and resources I have. Well, this may be the greatest simple truth about productivity I’ve encountered:

Less is more

It never seems to fail that when I finally quit trying to do 3 things at once, get more done.

Like most of the information on this website and blog, this isn’t news. It’s just something I have to remind myself about frequently, kind of like an addict who has to take it day at a time and just try to get it right today.

When you try to chase two rabbits, both escape.

Here’s a list that a marketer I follow published on his blog, which you can read here. It’s a list of suggestions for simplifying so you can get more done. In getting more done, hopefully that translates to reaching your goals sooner, and in reaching more of them.
Less is more
Join me in getting more done, by focusing on “less”.

  • delete contacts from phone
  • cancel appointments you are not looking forward to
  • stop recurring services you no longer use
  • shred paperwork and dump it
  • remove some of the ToDo items from your list
  • donate unused clothes and toys to charity
  • purge your inbox and unsubscribe to ‘gurus’
  • declutter your office
  • remove excess furniture
  • clear whiteboards
  • sell assets you no longer use
  • empty your wallet
  • clean out your glovebox
  • tidy the house
  • avoid people who waste your time or mess your mind
  • delete files on your hard drive
  • uninstall apps you no longer use
  • delete browser bookmarks
  • clean up your desktop icons
  • empty the bins
  • give away books or courses you have used

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  1. Ardiyansyah says:

    – Hi soraya jaan,What a great felnieg you give everyone who you share your pictures with. The love and caring is so apparent between the two of you even from your pictures and I can not wait to see you in your wedding gown. You are so beautiful and with your handsome husband you make an awesome couple.All the best alwaysAnd love,NafiNovember 7, 2012 2:21 pm

  2. Takaza says:

    Sarah I don’t know where to begin but when we found each other through twiettr I instantly knew you were someone I wanted to communicate with. You always know just want to say and when to say it. When I went through my certification I could NOT have done it without knowing you were in the back of my mind cheering me on your kindness & prayers helped guide me to jump on that plane to AZ against my own judgement as they say you are your own worst enemy & critic I’m still learning to let go of that before I begin to teach and guess what?! You are showing me through your actions that it is possible to live your dreams and follow your passion I am beyond blessed to know you and have NO DOUBT you are going to do absolutely AWESOME! You are STRONGSARAH after all love you girlie! I’ll be praying for you & cheering you on!

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