This page will eventually include a small program that will allow you to set up automated reminders of things you need to be doing toward achieving your goal throughout the day.

One of the challenges of any goal is staying on track, doing the things you need to do every day.

One of the things I use to keep myself on track is to set periodic reminders of the things I need to do (review today’s agenda, record today’s progress, etc) in a calendar tool that will automatically send text messages to my cell phone. Whether it’s a deadline notice, a repeated daily reminder or some other electronic “tap on the shoulder”, this is a great way to do it.

There’s just no reason to forget things or to fail to follow a daily agenda if you’re getting periodic reminders.

If you don’t have this problem (getting distracted throughout the day), you’re lucky. If you do though, this is an effective, inexpensive (free) way to be assured you’ll get the tap on the shoulder when you need it.

It’s under construction. In the meantime, if you use Google email (gmail) you can use the Google Calendar to accomplish this. Just create events on your Google calendar:

  1. Open the Google Calendar
  2. Navigate to the day and time you want to set a reminder for and double click
  3. Create an event for the time you want to be reminded
  4. Enter a descriptive title to help you remember why you’re getting the text.
  5. Save

Once it’s done, you will get a text message to your cell phone at the time you specified. No more absent-minded forgetting!