Staying Motivated

Maintaining a high degree of awareness of the Benefits you seek will be the source for your motivation, and will provide the focus to help you reach your goal. That Benefit is what will sustain you, what will keep you on track when distractions arise, etc.

Some people even create a book with pictures of the lean, fit body they will have when they reach their goal, or the new home they’ll buy, or their credit card statement showing a -0- balance due. Whatever images that help remind you of the emotional lift you’re going to get, that makes it worth doing that work that you’re going to have to do.

The desire to have the benefits of reaching your goal are strong, but if you don’t keep them in your awareness (and often!) your chances of reaching your goal aren’t great.

  • Make sure you believe that your goal is reachable, that you are capable of achieving it. Our beliefs have a huge impact on our ability to achieve. Being perfectly clear about what we want and the benefits we’ll receive, but not believing it’s possible, will stop us dead in our tracks.

    There are very few things that are not achievable given enough time, effort and a good plan, but if we don’t believe it’s possible we won’t even try. Check the Beliefs page to be sure that doesn’t stop you.

  • Use a repeatable system to (a) help remind you what the benefit of reaching your goal will be, and (b) to make sure you do something every day to move you one step closer to your goal. More on that in “Step 3: (Create A System”).
  • I’ve got suggestions throughout this website on how to keep the Payoff, the Dream, the Benefit in front of yourself.

    Summary of key points:

    1. Most people fail to achieve the goals they set
    2. The reason most people fail is they quit. The reason they quit is that they lose sight of the benefits of achieving the goal
    3. Reminding yourself daily of the benefits, and satisfaction that will be realized, from achieving the goal is the key to staying on track
    4. Creating a daily process or system to (a) remind yourself the benefits to be realized from achieving your goal, and (b) to plan the task you will do to move closer to your goal each day, is essential.

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