Staying Motivated


Here’s the process for most of us (including me):

  1. I have something I want to improve (financial situation, relationship, bad habit, etc), something new I want to accomplish (e.g. career change) or something I’m not happy with (maybe my weight, my fitness level, a relationship, etc).
  2. I set my goal.
  3. If I’m really serious, I write down the goal and make a plan for how I’ll reach it.
  4. If I’m really, really serious I’ll actually take action and start working on it.
  5. Somewhere between day 2 and day 5, I quit. Maybe I got distracted, maybe I wasn’t getting any results or maybe the realization that (a) wanting the benefits of a goal, and (b) doing the actual work to realize those benefits, are two different things, and the work part is sometimes, well…. work.

If you’ve got a strong sense of self-discipline, you might “will” yourself through this and stay on track until you reach your goal. But statistically, most people never reach the end.

So … here’s what you need to do:


There are 3 things you can do to greatly increase your chances for success.

  1. Start out with a clear vision, not of your goal, but of the PAYOFF you’ll realize from that goal. THAT’S what brings people here, that’s what we really want.
    • I don’t want to be thinner. What I want is to look more attractive, for my clothes to fit right, to have lots of energy and and enjoy great health.
    • I don’t want more money so I can bury it in my backyard. What I want is to become financially independent, or get debt free, take a trip, buy a Porsche, to help others, etc.

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