Disclosure Policy

Uncle Sam (the Federal Trade Commission) requires that I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider when I write about a product or service. Frankly I think that’s a good idea anyway; honesty and transparency are always good business.

Here are the guidelines I operate under at the Achieving Personal Goals related to payment for any products shown here, referrals, etc:

  • This is my personal site. I invest my own time to use, review and/or test any products I mention here. I pay out of my own pocket the cost to produce anything I’ve written here about products.
  • In some cases I accept advertising or may be paid if you purchase something through a link on this website. Such compensation does not influence the information I present in this site. That’s bad personal policy, and bad business.
  • “Ads by Google” are not selected by me, so if you see a Google ad and a Web page about the same product or service, it is a coincidence.
  • Rest assured that the actual content on any sponsored pages are independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship. To avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest and in the spirit of full disclosure, I identify all sponsored content to you.

These are good rules and practices in today’s digital world. It’s important for you to understand the relationship between a person reviewing the product and the manufacturer or service provider.
If you have any question about anything I promote or advocate, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to reply.