Pitfalls, or Reasons We Fail


    a) First, create a clear, detailed action plan spelling out step-by-step what you need to do to achieve your goal (as much as possible) at each step along the way. Use the forms here to begin to build your plan.

    b) Always have in your mind the NEXT ACTION to be done on your plan. Knowing exactly what you need to do NEXT will avoid the unconscious frustration of being ready to proceed, but not clear as to what you should do, which derails many activities. A well constructed, detailed action plan as described in item (a) above, set to dates for deadlines, will help resolve that.

    c) Each evening, make a daily plan for the next day that includes the next action on your goal plan.

    d)Remember that we have to keep those activities that will change our life at the top of our list of daily activities, or things will never change.

Problem #3: Lack of Commitment

This is the problem when you aren’t willing to do the things necessary to make your goal happen. In all the research on goal setting and goal orientation, a stated qualifier is that you must have a sufficient level of goal commitment. No amount of research, great action plan, clarity and focus will lead to achievement of anything significant if you are not committed to it.

Generally, lack of commitment can be attributed to one of the following 3 reasons:

  1. Lack of belief in your ability to achieve the goal, or not believing that the goal is attainable (see self-efficacy).
  2. Losing sight of the benefits of achieving the goal
  3. Lack of interest in the goal. If this goal isn’t aligned with your passion, the reason why you’re here, then it’s understandable that you don’t have enthusiasm for it, and you should listen to that. You simply don’t really want it. Maybe it’s something a parent or friend admires, and it sounds great, but it’s not really something you want. It’s just not your passion.

Don’t forget though, that there’s a “honeymoon” period for virtually any project or pursuit, when the enthusiasm for what you will receive is clear and firmly in mind. Over time, we can sometimes lose sight of the benefits, even though it’s a goal that we truly desire. Beware of the pattern of human behavior to eventually lose sight of that clarity.

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