How To Reach Your Goal Faster, Guaranteed!

The Point To This Story

So what’s the takeaway here? How about this: Aggressive due dates are a great motivator to help make sure we reach our goals. In addition, I believe task satisfaction increases as well. Isn’t it more rewarding to tackle something with a high degree of energy and focus than to cruise through something half-speed because there’s no hurry? Of course! The satisfaction we get from achieving a goal or task is commensurate with the level of energy we invest in it.

Learn To Love The Deadline

Working against a deadline also empowers us to be more creative and make the most of every moment. That doesn’t mean that we proceed at a frenzied pace; rather that we are focused and “in the zone”. Operating “in the zone” and knowing that there is no time to waste is where we become our most efficient, productive selves, and get the greatest satisfaction from our efforts as well.
So don’t be afraid of deadlines. Handled properly, they can be the source of increased productivity, greater creativity, they can expand our capacity and show us our true potential. If you’ve selected a goal that you’re passionate about achieving, deadlines will help you find a way to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

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