Track Your Progress – What We Measure Improves

One of my favorite references came from a post to the LifeHacker blog, where software developer Brad Isaac the following post regarding Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret related to progress. It’s well worth the read!

There are many great free tools on the web to help you track your activity, and frankly one of the best is a simple notebook. The Resources page has some of my favorite tools, but the best one if hte one you like and will use consistently.

For instance, I track my weight every day in a simple spreadsheet in Google docs. It’s free, it’s available any time I’m on a computer and it’s easy. What you use doesn’t matter, only that you use something.

For one last tidbit of evidence of the benefits of tracking progress I’ll refer you to no less an authoritative source than the USDA, when talking about weight loss, says:

    “Studies show that people do better when they keep track of their progress. Use the Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Tracking Card to keep track of all the foods and drinks you consume in a day as well as all the different types of physical activity you’ve engaged in. You’ll be surprised at how it helps you stay motivated!
Summary of Key Points:
  1) When we measure our goal related activity, our performance tends to improve
  2) It’s important to review our recorded activity on a regular basis (daily)
  3) Jerry Seinfeld’s method of using a chart to display a chain of daily activity can be helpful to measure your progress, and to motivate you to take action every day toward your goal

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